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The Information Management supports Executive Boards and Supervisory Boards to manage and take full strategic advantage of digital investments. You represent these unique strengths of leadership style, excellent analytical skills and perseverance to support global leadership teams.

You typically find it easy to take initiatives, enjoy working with other people and express natural authority. You have always been attracted to the most complex issues. You have fulfilled senior executive roles early in your career. Your knowledge of information technology is unmatched and you are always eager to continue in learning. As no other, you know that digital technology only illuminates innovation and that success requires in-depth business sense and change management skills.

The Information Management Institute differs from other consultancy groups, that we primarily employ the most senior executive consultants and few junior consultants. Our teams hardly exceed two consultants, which provides the superior basis for trusted relationships at lower cost for our clients.

You have been granted prestigious academic degrees in both technical and business sciences and possess ample working experience both in- and outside IT Departments. You are experienced in consulting C-Suits and preferably held business ownership or results-based endowments. For additional inquiries do not hesitate to contact our Managing Partner directly (Send Message) or submit your CV to our HR Officer (Send Message).


Outstanding opportunities for highly qualified unique personalities