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The Information Management Institute supports Executive Boards and Supervisory Boards to manage and take full strategic advantage of digital investments. We are unbiased, critical and worthy your absolute trust and confidence. We are truly exited about the many new possibilities for doing digital business, however, always employ business sense and avoid using jargon. We want you to reap full strategic advantage of digital innovations and also help avoiding expensive mistakes.

The Information Management Institute has management ownership. Except for our Portfolio Management Service we are strictly committed to senior management. The Information Management Institute will never commit additional services nor affiliations with other services. We are truly unbiased.

The Information Management Institute emerged out of industry and academia, where professionals were challenged to solve the most complex IT Strategy and Governance assignments. We served all industries and have been working across Europe. We take confidentiality extremely serious and therefore refrain from mentioning references on our websites.

We only employ senior executives with both technological and business backgrounds. Professionals that typically find it easy to take initiatives, enjoy working with other people and express natural authority. They have fulfilled several senior executive roles. Their knowledge of information technology is unmatched and they are always eager to learn more. Feel free to contact our Managing Partner directly, with any questions you may have at +31 10 456 8393 or Send Message.

About Us

Trust in everything we do.