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Your most vital processes and projects require expert decision making and  control. The Black Belt for IT Control assures the highest level of IT Control, particularly established to find the equilibrium between flexibility and control. Our approach is based on the global COBIT 5 methodology, however, we also include the newest insights from leading research in order to facility IT Control as enabler of digital innovation.

Our proprietary Black Belt in IT Control© methodology includes three Ranks:

We also grant ‘Silver Belts’ for excellence in individual COBIT 5 processes.

COBIT 5 is the preferred global methodology for advancing your IT Control. Development of effective controls is however hardly straightforward. The professional experts of Information Management Institute bring global knowledge and experience to help you craft superior governance frameworks and define their value. We plainly say what we think, and why, because unbiased thinking is also the key to digital success.

Black Belt in IT Control

Finding the equilibrium of flexibility and control.